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25 Manors of Raplamaa

Kairi Toomet

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Present day Raplamaa is rather stratified. The northern part of the county once belonged to the historical Harjumaa, the southern part to Pärnumaa, and the western part to Läänemaa. Though the area is distinguishable historically, geographically and also culturally, the manor characterises territory as a whole. Every single manor has its own appearance and story to tell. Raplamaa is extremely rich in stories, being the county with the most numerous manor houses in Estonia. Several impressive castles have remained here (Raikküla, Valtu, Järvakandi, Vana-Vigala), as well as manor houses considered to be the most beautiful ones in Estonia (Pirgu, Hõreda, Lohu), and the ancestral manors belonging to famous Baltic-German families (Hagudi, Alu, Raikküla, Vana-Vigala).

The current catalogue brings you twenty-five manors of Raplamaa – the way these can be found today. It was only in 1997 when manors of the county were described as a phenomenon of a declining splendour – at present day the fact itself can be disapproved. Old manor houses have been increasingly bought and renovated; as well as events and festivals held in the manors have become very popular lately. Manors are and will always be popular attractions for Estonian and foreign tourists.

Köide: pehme
Lehekülgi: 30
Mõõdud: 160 x 240 mm
Ilmumisaasta: 2005
Kirjastus: MTÜ Raikküla Mõis

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